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We traveled all around DenmarK and created the perfect tours for you.

We crafted unique tours where the beautiful old and modern architecture of Copenhagen city is well combine with a cycling, mountain biking, canoeing and kayak activities

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¿Do you want to experience Copenhagen with the best staff?  We will provide you with exceptional Copenhagen tours to you who want to enjoy not only the city but the beautiful nature Zeeland has to offer.

We are specialist in delivering relaxed, attentive, active and cultural tours as well as fully customizable private Copenhagen day and multi-day tours that goes far away from crowded tourist traps to reveal the real Copenhagen that we as locals know and love. We created flexible trip packages with the best service and experience by offering unique tours to places that we are passionate about sharing. Besides the classic city tours, we will take you to Furesoe and Farum lake, Mons Klint, Dyrehavn and other destinations in Copenhagen and Denmark. Book your tour today and enjoy the best of Zeland and Copenhagen with Copenhagen’s highest rated tour operator.

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Walking tours

Copenhagen is a haven for eager walkers. The city holds a wealth of architectural landscape glories that are rightly praised by many, epic meanders aside, the forests and its coastal suburbs are perfect for exploration on foot.

There’s no denying that Copenhagen is one Europeans best culinary destinations, and with a range of the city’s trendiest eateries all within walking distance of each other.

Our walking tours will help you to fill in the gaps and expose you to some of the city’s, and the country’s, most popular as well as unique and of the beaten track destinations.

Biking tours

Are you eager for some cycling in around the inner city or just looking for something out in the forest? Whether you’re a mountain biker or a roadie, we have cycling trips that will suit all your needs and preferences.

Our tours will take you through the most iconic attraction from the ancient and the modern Copenhagen. You will get with us a full inside into the Copenhagen biking culture and its amazing infrastructure that made Copenhagen the world’s friendliest biking city.

Beside our cycling city tours, we also offer tours outside the city, it’s this where we stand out of the rest of other outfitters, we have created our own tours where you will explore Lakes, charming villages, ancient hunting palaces and beautiful nature.

Hiking tours

Whether you’re after a hilly hike with spectacular views, pristine coastal wanders, or an exploration through one of the UNESCO’s biosphere reserves we have what you are looking for. From invigorating hikes through dense forest adorned with lagoons and lakes to leisurely rambles across charming villages, dreamy royal gardens and monuments castles, Copenhagen have something for everyone. So, lace up yogur trekking boots and get cracking.

Multi-active tours

With so many natural attractions, the region of Zeeland offers unique places for multi-sport activities. Some of our tour packages combine hiking, biking and canoeing in some of the most iconic places of Zeeland region. You can choose tours from 1 to up to 4 days.

Private Tours

While Denmark is a fabulous destination for self-driving, you can choose to have a private driver-guide to take over so you and family can fully enjoy on the attractions without having to concentrate on the road. There’s no need to plan ahead or every day what will be your next place to visit. With us you just arrive to Copenhagen and the rest we will do it. We can arrange anything you wish from airport transfer, hotel accommodations, guided tours, excursions and travel packages from one to 6 days.

Family Tours

Do you want to visit Copenhagen with your family? We can arrange that and more. Just let us know what style of travel you wish and we can start from there. Our tours are designed to travel with kids of all ages, we have a right gear and the right guides to make your small ones remember these tours for ever. Teenagers will find plenty to keep them amused including canoeing, hiking, SUP and mountain biking. Whatever your needs, our specialists will be able to recommend areas for you to visit and accommodation to suit your family, to ensure you all have a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable trip.

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