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Copenhagen biking tours: City and Mountain biking trips

At only half an hour by S-train and 25 minutes by car from Copenhagen Central Station, the biking trails winds through Hareskoven. Designed around lagoons, village and forests, Hareskov trails showcase the natural beauty of the northern side of Copenhagen, passing through breaches, different kind of giant trees including a dense beech tree forest. There are different trails from which to choose offering mountain biking tours for experiences, intermediate and beginners. Choose a trail that suits, you will love it.

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From culture-rich to adrenalin-fueled mountain biking, Hareskov is the best place near Copenhagen and offers an experience unlike anything else in the region. With over 27 km – 12 miles mountain bike trails ranging from easy to difficult, Horeskov is suitable for riders of all abilities and is cemented as an iconic riding destination in Copenhagen. Hareskov covers a total of 888 ha and are dominated by large areas of beech forest with trees of all ages. The trails are characterized by fast flowing descents and gentle climbs crossing old oaks and linden trees as well as lakes, bogs, small streams and ditches. The trails are varied with open areas of meadows and pastures, straight rows of upright beeches as well more dark and dense mixed forests with a scrub of new trees growing up. Let us know your experience and we will choose the best road for your abilities. Below are the 4 different mountain biking trails we offer.

Jonstrup Vang

The trail includes some areas with breaches, small hills and some challenging areas that are easily avoided. This trail is available for anyone.  However small biking experience is required.

Store Hareskov

One of the most challenging routes for beginners and can be also fun for intermediate mountain bikers. The roads cross a stretch of topped cobblestones, then the route goes into “Mordor” which is a dense forest of beech and other kind of trees.

Lille Hareskov

Another biking trail section of the Hareskov. This is also good for beginners and can satisfied intermediate mountain bikers. I cover short straight bridges and up and down hills that require good maneuverability: However everyone can do it.

Nørreskoven Rødt Spor

This the most difficult trail of the area with the highest altitud in Hareskov and some stretches require good technique and strength. Suitable for intermediate and advanced.
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