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Nyhavn summer

Copenhagen walking tour: Top attractions

This 3-hour private tour will show you Copenhagen’s top attractions and walk you through the story of one of Scandinavian largest city. Your local private tour guide will take you to must-see sights such as Nyhavn, Christiansborg and Rundetaarn.
There are much more that these three main attraction to be uncover during your tour, you will also experience views of the Parlament, the busies Strøget and the main plaza of Copenhagen all will make your trip even more memorable.

Mountain biking Fureso

Copenhagen biking tours: City and Mountain biking trips

At only half an hour by S-train and 25 minutes by car from Copenhagen Central Station, the biking trails winds through Hareskoven.

Designed around lagoons, village and forests, Hareskov trails showcase the natural beauty of the northern side of Copenhagen, passing through breaches, different kind of giant trees including a dense beech tree forest. There are different trails from which to choose offering mountain biking tours for experiences, intermediate and beginners. Choose a trail that suits, you will love it.


Bike tour Copenhagen: Forests and palaces

Our newly designed biking tour will take you away from Copenhagen. Just 25 minutes away from the city, in the northern side of Copenhagen you will encounter a perfect place for biking lovers with beautiful nature, small hills charming villages between modern and ancient buildings
In this tour you will explore the Hunting Palace of Hermitage, Deer Park forest, lakes, lagoons, charming villages and some archaeological remains following a biking trail that will lead us all the way to Furesoe Lake. This is not just a biking tour this is also a small inside to the Copenhagen biking culture.

Christianshavn copenhagen

Christianshavn biking tour: Christiania, Opera house

Led by a professional guide to show you this unique, vibrant and colorful part of Copenhagen. Our exclusive tour takes you into the Christianshavn discrict a genuine and special part of Copenhagen to explore unique attractions such as the Christiania Freetown, Church of Our Saviour, The Lille Molly fortification, Refshaleøenand and the opera house in 3 hours full of culture, entertainment and lots of fun.Price Starts At

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