Saddlebag Services Stand

If you have hard saddlebags on your Harley, you have struggled with finding a good place to put them when cleaning or servicing your bike? Setting them in the grass or somewhere else that you think may be safe is not the answer. The Saddlebag Stand is here and ready to keep your bags safe during the cleaning and servicing of your touring bike. The Saddlebag Stand is compact and easy to use. Simply open the stand and set the saddlebags in place. Don't be afraid to wash and wax your saddlebags right on the stand, it comes with a black powder coated finish and will last for years.

A damaged saddlebag could cost hundreds of dollars to repair correctly. The Saddlebag Stand could pay for itself the first time you use it. You wouldn't want to see a mechanic lay your bike on its side to change the oil, and you shouldn’t throw your clean saddlebags on a grimy workbench or on the ground while working on your bike.

The Saddlebag Stand requires no assembly or additional hardware .

Saddlebag Services Stand
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