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Do you think you done it all traveling around Copenhagen area? it’s true that Copenhagen city offers tours in the city such as visit museums, castles, walking tours, boat tour activities and even biking in the city? all these is what mostly you can find either with us or others, BUT you can get more than that, just 25 minutes out the city of Copenhagen you will encounter a beautiful nature full  of small hills, astounding lakes and lagoons perfect for hiking, mountain biking and water trips such as canoeing, kayaking and other activities. For that reason, we have created unique day trips and multiday vacations and tour packages for you to enjoy the best of what the land of the Vikings has to offer.

With a plethora of activities for you to engage in, Copenhagen is a multi-faceted tourist destination waiting for you to be discovered. Whether it be the outstanding appeal of historical Copenhagen castles, biking along incredible engineered cycling infrastructures, popular city attractions like the Tivoli or the mythical appeal of historical Copenhagen museums, nightlife in bustling trending districts, world-class cuisine, activities through amazing natural beauty full all lakes and hills perfect for mountain biking, hiking and water enthusiast… Copenhagen is inviting you, our most valued guest, to explore its riches.

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Did you know that Copenhagen won different European awards? Besides others awards it won awards as the greenest and most beautiful city in Europe and with a good reason. When you will be walking through the city you will feel its vibrant atmosphere and be mesmerize by its sophisticated and interesting ancient castles that still are in use today. We are sure that you will at list take some time to bike through to the world’s bike friendly city, cycling across infrastructure that will leave you speechless. Besides all these Copenhagen will delight you with its gourmet experiences.

In this outstanding beautiful city, you’ll stand in awe of its grandeur: its striking Kromborg castle UNESCOs world heritage, its glorious beaches, its rugged Mons Klints cliff coated in unique flora and breath-taking views. Dyrehavn (Deer park) and the northern side of Copenhagen with its verdant hills, lakes and many trails perfect for you looking outdoor hiking and biking experiences.

TourPaks has distilled the most exciting, exclusive and truly unmissable experiences that the Copenhagen and Shelland has to offer.

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Kronborg castle

Far before you even arrive, Kronborg Castle raises its impressive spiers on the narrowest headland between the coasts of Sweden and Denmark, the Renaissance castle Kronborg lights up with its towers, columns, sandstone and magnificent copper roofs. Kronborg Castle is a castle in a class of its own and has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Important for you to know is that Kronborg Castle is the Northern Europe’s most significant Renaissance castles. It is also the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Are you looking for something similar? If not check out some other active tours you may like.

Frederiksborg Castle

You can arrive to this place by train or car, or simply take one of our tours. This impressive building is located right in the middle of Hillerød at only 45 minutes from Copenhagen city. We guarantee that you will captivating by the beautiful views of the castle on the other side of the lake.

Although it was clear that the castle would no longer be used as a royal residence after a huge fire that wounded down the building. However, after a reconstruction the suggested the castle should be used for a museum. The result of the reconstruction was one of Northern Europe’s largest Renaissance buildings, which even today impresses.


Wherever you stand at the square of Amalienborg castle you will find some of the city’s most beautiful views such as the Marble Church of Frederik’s Church, the statue of of Frederik V and across the canal the Copenhagen opera house.

Amalienborg is probably the most distinguished piece of architecture in Denmark. Amalienborg was first built as a city mansion for noble families. After Christiansborg Castle’s fire in 1794, the mansions became the property of the royal family. Amalienborg is the highlight, both architecturally and symbolically, in the new district Frederiksted , which was built as part of a tribute to the Oldenburg royal house ‘s 300th anniversary in 1748. Definetly this place is word to visit during your vacations.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle was built as a summer castle in Dutch Renaissance style by Christian IV in 1606-07. Rosenborg Castle functioned as a royal residence until the 1720s, and the King’s Garden was opened to the public in the 1770s. Today, the castle houses the Kings’ Collection with interiors, portraits and crafts from the time of Christian IV to the time of Frederik VII.

The Palaces and Culture Agency is carrying out a number of restoration projects at Rosenborg Castle and has, among other things, carried out a facade restoration and restoration of the moat walls.

Rosenborg Castle houses the Danish Kings’ Chronological Collection with interiors, portraits and handicrafts from Christian IV’s to Frederik VII’s time.

The Castles Gardens

You can do it yourself too, but if you wish we can organize a tour visiting some of the most beautiful gardens of Shelland region. With its open expanses, vegetation, and specially decorated remnants theses gardens offer experiences for both, for you the outdoor traveler and for you interested in cultural history

The castle gardens, each with its own special stylistic features, reflect the various historical periods that have prevailed.

The Deer Park and North Zeland

We cannot miss the opportunity to show the forest of north Zeeland. This place north of Copenhagen at only 25 minutes by car offers plenty of opportunity for an active outdoor life, from hiking and mountain biking trails to canoeing or kayaking activities around one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. It’s also perfect for outdoor life to exploration of animals and nature. The garden’s hunting grounds (Dyrehaven) 300 years ago, the Danish kings arranged the forests into a magnificent setting for the most impressive of all forms of hunting, however the autocratic kings’ parforce hunting. Dyrehaven is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as the The hunting trails.

Mons Klint

The area around GeoCenteret and Møns Klint is simply so fantastic that you will get austand by its beauty.

The amazing cliffs that rise 128 meters above the turquoise green sea – Klinteskoven, which radiates light green from the chalky soil and an incredibly rich animal and plant life. In short, here is a doomed nature experience beyond the usual!

Møns Klint is also known for its 497 steps from the top of the cliff down to the beach. Along the stairs there are opportunities for breaks – because now hold up a walk! And that’s just as far up!

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